SMCR consultancy

You may be wondering how SMCR consultancy this can work for you. 

First we ask you (the client marketer) to complete our proprietary confidential questionnaires online. 

The second step is to identify changes to resource structure (internal, external & co-ordination) & processes to improve outcomes.    We can recommend strategies to address particular issues such as agency collaboration, consumer orientation, use of client time - and much more.  

We can explore what clients with a similar spend level do (or activity set, or sector..).  We can evidence and recommend changes to structure or improvements to co-ordination.  The whole process is informed by the smcr data and guided by our experience.

The published report is a useful resource to identify the lie of the land.  The service - what this evidence means for you - is unique and there is much more useful actionable evidence than is contained in the report.

To summarise the benefits:-


The SMCR report

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SMCR Consultancy

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