Marketers are under increasing pressure to increase the efficiency of their budgets – on campaigns and agencies and internally. 

Our new digital age has spawned more channels and media with increasing inbound and outbound activity. 

More people, more specialists resulting in a greater complexity to achieve joined up campaign management. 

Integration and consistency - of message, people and processes are needed to achieve marketing alignment.

The majority of advertisers has not evolved their internal and external structures to any significant degree.  The response has typically been to add more internal and external resources – the ‘bolt-on’ model.  This has resulted, not least, in duplication.

resulting, not least,  in silo-ed thinking and activity, turf wars and lack of media/channel neutrality,  inefficiencies and sub standard effectiveness of communications.  Many clients have been slow to respond to the need to change structure.   

In a recent discussion amongst marketing directors it was apparent that the changes required will be quite different from one company to another.  Traditional marketing communications structure , both external and internal, is dying and more tailored solutions suitable to the particular shape and needs of each business are emerging. 

The days of all companies having similar marketing structures and similar agency structures will soon be over

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