Achieving simplicity of orchestration of marketing communications resources

An ARC Power paper (2014)

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How best to structure marketing communications resources so as to achieve simplicity of orchestration?

In our multi-channel advertising world – with more specialisms, more agencies and more internal people - the challenges of creating content in real time are very real.    Managing it all is becoming more complex and time consuming.

Naturally one of the key factors is client ‘simplicity of orchestration’.  Orchestration of all the resources – internal specialists and external agencies.   Is simplicity possible for clients with many communications activities – or with many types of external agency or internal resources?   Can orchestration only be simple for those with few activities in a single agency?

Up to now there’s been no empirical evidence on what to do or how to do it.  Some anecdotes and some experience but most clients and agencies are struggling through in true British spirit.  We know that very few (10%) are succeeding.

For the first time we have empirical evidence on what successful clients do.  A relational database of 70 clients spending in excess of £3 billion per annum.  The results are published in our report ‘structuring marketing communications resources’*.  What you won’t find in the report however is the type of forensic analysis of the data that we have done on ‘simplicity of orchestration’.  We have examined the characteristics of clients and the strategies and structures they have in place to achieve it. 

The results are surprising and not all intuitive.   What’s more is that all top performing clients achieve simplicity of orchestration.   

We can share the secrets of top performing clients with you – enabling you to base your decisions on excellent analysis of totally unique empirical evidence.  

So if you want an effective and efficient structure then simplicity of orchestration is one of the must have goals to achieve.

This insight and evidence is not available elsewhere.  So don’t procrastinate – make your mark and get ahead of the rest.

So what do I get?

A 14 page report and a 20 slide powerpoint presentation

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